Re: Possible proposal for new Hebrew accent character

Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 17:27:38 EST

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    On 11/28/2002 06:05:27 AM Julian Gilbey wrote:

    >I'd like to ask for people's advice before submitting a proposal.
    >In the Hebrew part of Unicode, there are a range of positions
    >allocated to Biblical accents (U0591-U05AE). In particular, one of
    >them is:
    >with a note "= galgal".
    >Now, from my recent studies in the field, it appears that in the books
    >of Psalms, Proverbs and Job, which use a different accentuation system
    >from the rest of the Bible (Old Testament), there are two similar
    >accents which are often printed in the same way, but which were
    >clearly distinguished and written differently in the early
    >manuscripts. One is usually called the GALGAL, the other is called
    >ETNAH HAFUKH. (I don't recall offhand which one is the same symbol as
    >the YERAH BEN YOMO.)
    >Would it be reasonable to propose the addition of a new accent symbol
    >ETNAH HAFUKH (or GALGAL, with the note attached to YERAH BEN YOMO
    >changed to "= etnah hafukh")?

    It would be helpful to see some visual samples. In the sources I have
    access to, I haven't come across any references to "etnah hafukh" (though
    I'm just getting into these, so may well have missed something that's
    there), so I'm not sure what it is or what it looks like. Yeivin
    (Introduction to the Tiberian Masorah) mentions two shapes for galgal, a
    semi-circle open on top used in manuscripts, and a "v" shape used in
    printed texts. Are these the two accents you're referring to? If so, are
    both used contrastively in MSS (e.g. both used in close proximity in a
    single mss)?

    If there's a distinct character out there, it's always possible to add it.
    We just need enough info making clear what's needed.

    - Peter

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