Re: Possible proposal for new Hebrew accent character

Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 18:59:27 EST

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    On 12/09/2002 05:21:26 PM Julian Gilbey wrote:

    >> What I don't understand, however, is why BHS doesn't reflect this: if
    >> is based on the Leningrad Codex...

    >I think that the Aleppo Codex vies with the Leningrad for reliability...

    Yes, ignore that comment on my part -- it was the fruit of over-active but
    inadequately-informed thinking on the part of a novice, and Elaine Keown
    already pointed out the error. I re-read the book I had been reading, and
    it said that the Leningrad is viewed by all to be a *good* examplar of the
    ben Asher tradition, but that Allepo is considered by many to be the best.

    >Anyhow, I have a photocopy of a facsimile edition of the Leningrad
    >Codex of two locations: B'midbar 33(?) which has a yerah ben
    >yomo/galgal, and Tehillim/Psalms 137 (actually called 136 in the
    >Codex) which has both a galgal and an etnah hafukh in close

    Ah, so if one can just get a decent copy, that would be a good source.

    - Peter

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