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Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 18:44:40 EST

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    On 12/09/2002 04:30:54 PM ekeown wrote:

    >> Does this have any implications regarding the issue as to whether there
    >> another distinct accent needing to be encoded?


    >However, I think the main differences between the big scholars
    >will end up being in how one programs with the accents, once
    >they are enough semantically differentiated that we can really
    >write algorithms with them.

    Without knowing exactly what you have in mind, we need to be careful about
    "semantic" differentiation: Unicode should support distinctions between
    characters, but it should necessarily not be required to support linguistic
    distinctions in the text those characters are used to represent. Thus, if a
    manuscript consistently uses two different symbols contrastively, that
    provides evidence in support of encoding two characters. But if a symbol is
    used for two distinct meanings, that distinction in meaning alone is
    generally not a good argument in favour of encoding distinct characters.
    That might not be what you had in mind, but I thought it would be good to
    clarify that point.

    > Yeivin and Dotan, for example, have
    >very different views of the structural meaning of the

    Does that mean that Dotan would or might disagree with Yeivin on the issue
    that later manuscripts neutralise a distinction that was made in earlier
    manuscripts between the servi used with pazer and that used with oleh
    we-yored? (I realise Dotan and others might not have ever written on the
    topic, thus leaving no basis to answer that question.)

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