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Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 18:21:26 EST

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    > Mark:
    > I've got Revell's translation of Yeivin, and it doesn't mention "etnah
    > hafukh". (Perhaps Breuer was reading the Hebrew original and the term was
    > omitted in the translation.)

    Breuer calls it "etnah hafukh". I have copies of Breuer and more (see
    below) to scan, hopefully tomorrow, if not then later in the week, and
    to send to this list.

    > In the translation of Yeivin, section #361, it says,
    > "Oleh we-yored has only one servus [preceding conjunctive accent]. In the
    > MSS [manuscripts], this characteristic servus is marked by a "v" shaped
    > [...]
    > What I don't understand, however, is why BHS doesn't reflect this: if BHS
    > is based on the Leningrad Codex, which is considered the most reliable
    > examplar of the ben Asher tradition, and if the ben Asher tradition is
    > considered the most reliable, and if (per Yeivin) the distinction between
    > the servus of ole we-yored and that of pazer reflects on the "accuracy and
    > purity" of the source, then I'd expect this distinction to be reflected in
    > the Leningrad Codex and, hence, in BHS. This doesn't invalidate Yeivin's
    > comments, however.

    I think that the Aleppo Codex vies with the Leningrad for reliability,
    at least on those parts of Tanakh which are still present in the

    Anyhow, I have a photocopy of a facsimile edition of the Leningrad
    Codex of two locations: B'midbar 33(?) which has a yerah ben
    yomo/galgal, and Tehillim/Psalms 137 (actually called 136 in the
    Codex) which has both a galgal and an etnah hafukh in close
    proximity. They are clearly distinct, and in fact some printed tanakh
    and tehillim editions now distinguish them again. Unfortunately the
    photocopy is poor and I could not scan the original facsimile; the
    photocopy is just about good enough to make out the distinction,


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