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From: Andy White (
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 07:56:19 EST

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    Vipal Garg was asking why half characters were not included in Unicode
    code charts and in his copy of Arial Unicode font.
    More recent versions of Arial Unicode Do contain half characters etc.
    for Devanagari.
    As to the code charts, to answer this, you needed to explore the Unicode
    web site a bit more to find the answer. Please see the following for
    detailed information regarding the half characters etc:

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    You Wrote:
    I have downloaded your font chart for Devanagari, which is in the range
    from 0900 to 097F. I have also installed the Arial Unicode font supplied
    by Microsoft office XP suite. I found that not all characters are
    available for Devanagari. For example letters such as Aadha KA, Aadha
    KHA, Aadha GA etc. are not available.
    These letters are required in the devanagari words such as KANYA, NANHA,
    PARMATMA etc.

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