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From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 08:22:16 EST

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    Vipul Garg wrote:
    > I have downloaded your font chart for Devanagari, which is in
    > the range from 0900 to 097F. I have also installed the Arial
    > Unicode font supplied by Microsoft office XP suite. I found
    > that not all characters are available for Devanagari. For
    > example letters such as Aadha KA, Aadha KHA, Aadha GA etc.
    > are not available.
    > These letters are required in the devanagari words such as
    > If you could provide the above letters then our requirement
    > for formation of Devanagari words would be possible. This
    > requirement is very crucial as we have a large volume project
    > on Devanagari language involving data storage in Oracle database.
    > Would appreciate an early reply.

    Please, see document "Where is my character":


    Also have a look to question 17 in the "Indic" FAQ:


    All is explained in more detail in Section 9.1 "Devanagari" of the Unicode



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