Script of U+0951 .. U+0954

From: Antoine LECA (
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 18:16:14 EST

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    Hi folks,

    I recently notice (I was off line for a while) the inclusion of the
    Scripts.txt file in the Unicode Character Database. I find it very
    I noticed it is informative. However, there is a detail that makes
    me quite unhappy: characters U+0951 .. U+0954 (the various accents
    described in ISCII-88 to mark tones in some Vedic texts) are assigned
    to the DEVANAGARI script.

    These accents are the only usable at the moment for Vedic/Sanskrit
    tone marking, and they do include the probably most interesting ones,
    U+0951 and U+0952. However, these two accents are not specific to
    Devanagari, and could be used without problem with the other scripts
    that may be used to write Sanskrit/Vedic. So I believe they should be
    moved to another place, for example the "INHERITED" pseudo-script.

    Concerning U+0953 and U+0954 (grave and acute accents), the point is
    that they are mostly used with... Latin characters (grave is svarita,
    and acute is udatta.) In fact, I believe that it happens with them
    the same "problem" than with U+0340 and U+0341, with the exception
    that one may contemplate the placement of U+0953/U+0954 above the
    middle of the diphtongues ai/au (I do not believe this is standard
    usage, though.)
    So again, I believe they can be moved to the "INHERITED" pseudo-script.

    This issue is of relevance to the rendering engines. For example,
    Microsoft's Uniscribe refuse to draw U+095x on top of any syllable
    which is not Devanagari. I believe this behaviour is incorrect,
    but the Script.txt file seems to assert MS position. If this is right,
    (and so if I am wrong), then that means that we need a number of new
    characters, for each script used to write Sanskrit/Vedic (including Latin).

    Another position could be to say that the combining character from the
    U+03xx range could be used, and equating (in addition to the above)
    U+0951 (DEV.STRESS SIGN UDATTA, in fact a svarita accent) with
    Note that this implies changes to the rendering engines as well.

    I welcome comments and critisms, 'cause I am very far from being
    omniscient on the subject.


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