Order in which unicode charactoers displayed

From: Smith, Mike (SMITHM@fish.govt.nz)
Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 16:16:25 EST

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    I am attempting to utilise the unicode values from the CJK Unified
    Ideographs to undertake searches for the occurance of the corresponding
    characters on a hard disk drive.

    When I look at a chinese character with a hex editor I get a certain
    order for the hex or unicode value for the character. For example, the
    english word 'abalone' in chinese has a code of '8D9C 7C9C' when viewed
    in a hex editor, but when I referred to the CJK unicode table, the value
    came out as '9C8D 9C7C'.

    Can you explain the different ordering of the code?

    When I conducted a test search of the contents of a hard drive known to
    contain the chinese characters for 'abalone' I only found hits on the
    hex values not onth e CJK unicode values.

    Any assistance woudl be appreciated.


    Mike Smith

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