Problem display ALL Chinese Characters?

From: Chang Liu (
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 18:18:43 EST

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    I am trying to display Chinese character (Simplified) in Java swing app on English windows 2000 OS. But I am having trouble displaying all the Chinese characters (only some characters are displayed). Here is the info. about my app:
    1. Java Swing app.
    2. Windows 2000 OS.
    3. Convert simplified Chinese characters to something like "\u00e7\u2030\u02c6\u00e6\ufffd\u0192\u00e7\u00bb\u0153\u00e6\u02dc\u017d\u00e7\u00bd\u2018\u00e7\u00bb\u0153" using native2ascii tool provided by sun.
    4. The app. reads above codes and displayed partial Chinese characters (Dialog font).
    5. I tried some other Chinese characters as well, it can display some as well.
    Can anyone help me on this? It seems that the simplified Chinese character set I am using does not include all the characters. And if it is so, how can I add more? thanks!

    Chang Liu


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