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Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 21:11:58 EST

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    On 12/15/2002 06:59:33 AM "David J. Perry" wrote:

    >My first answer to my correspondent was "just use Roman h." Then I got to

    >thinking: are there any situations in Unicode where actual letters of the
    >alphabet are unified across scripts? There are lots of punctuation marks
    >symbols that can be used with multiple scripts; but I can't think of a
    >situation where an actual letter of the alphabet is so used. A program
    >was sorting text, or trying to determine what script a word was written
    >would get confused by hε̄γεμο̄ν. Would this justify a proposal for "Greek
    >small letter epigraphical h"?

    This seems to be a variation on the question I asked recently having to do
    with gamma, delta and theta being used in an otherwise Latin writing system
    for Wakhi (and whether we needed to encode Latin versions of these). The
    answer that most respondents gave was to simply say that this writing
    system is based on more than one script.

    - Peter

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