The Battle Between Spam and Anti-Spam

From: Sarasvati (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 21:17:08 EST

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    Most of you dwellers in sunlight have probably noticed: there is currently
    a battle between spammers and e-mail users. If you subscribe to the
    Unicode mail list or you send mail to, this affects you. Please

    Like many other companies, we use some black lists [*] to filter e-mail in
    our attempt to limit incoming unwanted mail. Lots of other sites do this
    as well. The sad situation is that normal e-mail connectivity among
    consenting users is being adversely affected by the Evil Kings of
    Spammerania. The adverse effects are increasing rapidly. [**]

    On the basis of information we retrieve from black lists, we reject a
    large number of "spam" messages per day at our gateway. Most of the spam is
    originally targeted for, specialty lists, and several
    local accounts.

    1. If you are subscribed to the Unicode mail list and you have attempted
    to send mail to, and that mail has been REJECTED due to our
    spam filtering,
    you can reach us by filling out the contact form here:
    If you contact us, we will promptly see what we can do about the problem.
    When you contact us, please make sure you include your accurate e-mail
    address so that we can contact you about the situation. We never block
    "" or "", so one easy option for you is to get an
    account there and use it for sending/receiving Unicode list mail.

    2. If you are subscribed to the Unicode mail list and we try to send YOU
    list mail and that mail is rejected by YOUR domain's spam filtering, we may
    attempt to contact you from another e-mail address to report. Please also
    see this page:
    (If we can't contact you, you'll simply be dropped after too many bounces.)

    Unfortunately, unless someone comes up with a huge cash grant for
    relocation and hardware, we are not in a position to change our ISP or
    internet services any time soon, so please do not suggest that we change
    ISPs or similar infeasible solutions.

    Cheery regards from your,
            -- Sarasvati


    [*]. You don't know what a black list is? Oh, please see here:
    for example. That's not a balanced report, but you'll get the idea. Here's
    another bit of interesting info:

    [**] We have logged an increase of over 220% in spam since May 2002.

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