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Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 14:14:55 EST

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    At 19:32 +0100 2002-12-17, Marco Cimarosti wrote:

    >"Tibetan BrdaRten characters are structure-stable characters widely
    >used in education, publication, classics documentation including Tibetan
    >medicine. The electronic data containing BrdaRten characters are
    >estimated beyond billions. Once the Tibetan BrdaRten characters are encoded
    >in BMP, many current systems supporting ISO/IEC10646 will enable Tibetan
    >processing without major modification. Therefore, the international standard
    >Tibetan BrdaRten characters will speed up the standardization and
    >digitalization of Tibetan information, keep the consistency of
    >implementation level of Tibetan and other scripts, develop the Tibetan
    >culture and make the Tibetan culture resources shared by the world."

    What the encoding of a set of brDa rTen precomposed syllables would
    do would be to restrict the Tibetans to this set, to which they have
    been restricted by the proprietary Founder software used in China.
    These 950 syllables are insufficient to express anything but
    newspaper and bureaucratic Tibetan.

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