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From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 16:32:39 EST

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    Peter Lofting asked:

    > Presumedly the present proposal of 900+ stacks is a maturation of the
    > same system. And the claim for universality is based on it being able
    > to typeset everything they have published to-date.

    It is based on the Founders system software, as Michael mentioned.

    > The question is
    > whether that list of texts is representative of the full literary and
    > linguistic corpus

    It is not.

    > or is only a sub-set?

    It is. The Chinese delegation admitted that the collection of stacks
    was aimed at modern Tibetan use and would not cover literary Tibetan.

    This means that in practice systems based on the current Founders
    system technology would be restricted in their coverage, and that
    Unicode-based systems would have to deal with *both* the precomposed
    stacks and with the rest of Tibetan, leading to Hangul-like
    normalization nightmares.

    > Could the Chinese be asked to provide detailed information on this
    > system and the texts that it has published so we can get an idea of
    > the domain that their stack set covers?

    They were asked some questions during the meeting. The correct
    way to proceed now is to provide national body feedback on their
    proposal. Such feedback can, of course, contain such questions
    regarding the intended scope of coverage of the repertoire in
    the proposal.


    > Peter Lofting

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