RE: Precomposed Tibetan

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 09:10:52 EST

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    Andrew C. West wrote:
    > On Wed, 18 Dec 2002 04:59:08 -0800 (PST), Marco Cimarosti wrote:
    > > Do you have the relevant data? As I said, so far I found
    > little or nothing
    > > about "BrdaRten" or about the "Founders System" mentioned
    > by Ken Whistler.
    > Don't need anything more than the code charts given in
    > n2558.pdf - it's simply a
    > matter of typing the glyphs in as Unicode (luckily my
    > BabelPad will let me do
    > that), and then converting into tabular form. It's really no
    > more difficult than
    > decomposing U+00FC (LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS) into
    > U+0075 (LATIN

    I am afraid you din't catch my idea: I was talking about conversion
    tables/tools for that Tibetan extension to *GB*2312*, which was mentioned by
    Ken Whistler. It is this encoding which, according to the author of,
    n2558.pdf is used for "gigabytes of data".

    The Unicode precomposed characters don't yet exist (and never will,
    hopefully), so there is no converting them from/to anything else.


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