Re: Status of Unihan Mandarin readings?

From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Fri Dec 20 2002 - 04:50:16 EST

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    On the errors in kMandarin:

    Apart from the kMandarin errors of the kind that Andrew West has noted,
    there is another corruption, namely the loss of , and this happened
    between "3.0b1" and "3.0b2", when the became the two bytes C393.

    As to Han/Yi, "U+6C49 YI4 HAN4" is found not only in "3.0b1" and "3.0b2",
    but also in "2.0". The HAN4 was dropped only in 3.2.
    While I admire the effort to "explain" the intrusion of YI4, I feel it is a
    bit misplaced, and that some more mechanical/clerical explanation is in
    order. After all, look at the number of times "same as U+.... " is written
    as "sama as U+... " in 3.2: 6 to be precise.

    Raymond Mercier

    Raymond Mercier

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