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Date: Mon Dec 30 2002 - 14:49:21 EST

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    Yes, all versions of Windows 2000 and XP ship the same editor.

    I guarantee that the fonts I create with it (mostly smiley faces) aren't publication quality. Someone with more patience and talent could undoubtedly do better but perhaps the criteria should be split into a) format and b) quality.

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    > A minor correction--EUDCEDIT does convert the bitmap to outline and
    > save them as a TrueType file.

    Thanks, I didn't know that. I stand corrected.

    Is this capability also available on Private Character Editor for U.S.
    versions of Windows 2000? My understanding is that it's the same program.

    For members of UTC and/or WG2: Are the TrueType fonts created with EUDCEDIT really of sufficient quality for publication in Unicode and/or 10646?

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