Re: Oh No! Not a new Adobe Glyph List!!!

Date: Wed Jan 01 2003 - 06:33:49 EST

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    Quoting from David Lemon's letter to the OpenType list
    from 2002-11-27:

    There are many glyphs in fonts Adobe has shipped which are not
    covered in the AGL, and others which map to PUA values even though
    Unicode has since defined real character slots. The “Adobe Glyph
    List”, which maps glyph names to Unicode values, is not intended to
    be anything more than a description of what some software does, or
    has done, with these names. As such, it has not kept pace with the
    additions to Unicode, and we expect it will not change. It is
    definitely not a recommendation that font developers use these names
    (e.g. we recommend the form uni23D0 rather than arrowvertex).

    The new Adobe AGL has been discussed at length on the
    OpenType list, a more appropriate forum.

    The bottom line is that the new AGL isn't aimed at
    font developers and developers of new fonts are urged
    to use "uniXXXX" post names for BMP glyphs (even for
    basic ASCII glyphs) and "uXXXXX(X)" names for non-BMP

    Best regards,

    James Kass.

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