Re: Oh No! Not a new Adobe Glyph List!!!

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Jan 02 2003 - 13:44:52 EST

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    Eric Muller asked:

    > What is the relationship between AFII and ISO/IEC 10036

    AFII does not exist any more. When it did exist, AFII was the registration
    authority for ISO/IEC 10036.

    > GLOCOM soon starts ISO 10036 registration procedures
    > GLOCOM has been designated as a Registration Authority for the procedures
    > set forth by ISO 10036, which defines registration procedures for glyphs
    > and characters. On line registration service will be available soon.
    > [Added: 2002-05-28]

    But the actual reg authority page it points to was last updated 2001/05/01.

    It seems not to be very active.

    Some relevant documents:

    This one gives some explanation of what happened:

    SC34 report:

    Here is an ISO page of the current registration authorities, listing
    GLOCOM as the authority for 10036:

    And here is a report on transfer of the registration authority to GLOCOM:


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