Re: Collation issue with Japanese characters (encoding utf-8) in Oracle8i

From: Jianping Yang (
Date: Fri Jan 10 2003 - 03:24:08 EST

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    For Oracle8i, you can use TO_SINGLE_BYTE() function to convert the
    multibyte Japanese characters into their corresponding single-byte
    characters before comparison and sorting. For example:
    ORDER BY to_single_byte(col1) or WHERE to_single_byte(col1) = 'John'.

    In Oracle9i, we have built more powerful collation feature which is
    based on Unicode collation algorithm that would support this requirement
    more seamlessly. Please directly contact me if you have more questions.


    sourav mazumder wrote:

    > Hi,
    > I have japanese data in a varchar2 column in an Oracle8i instance
    > which contains both single byte and multibyte Japanese characters. The
    > encoding type of the instance is UTF-8.
    > I want to sort them in such a way that equivalent single byte and
    > multibyte Japanese characters are treated as same. Also while
    > selecting, if I specify the single byte characters in the where
    > condition it should select both single and double byte characters and
    > vice-versa.
    > The functionality I'm looking for is similar to the one which can be
    > achieved by using Collator class in Java with FULL_DECOMPOSITION as
    > decmposition mode.
    > Could anyone please let me know how can I do it ?
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Best Regards,
    > Sourav
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