U+2047 double question mark collation

From: Vadim Godunko (vgodunko@rost.ru)
Date: Wed Jan 15 2003 - 05:43:18 EST

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    I have a problem with creating collation key for U+2047 (double question

    Explicit collation keys for this symbol is absent in allkeys.txt.

    In UnicodeData.txt this symbol have compatibility decomposition map.

    2047: ... :<compat> 003F 003F: ...

    Based on this and as defined in UTR #10 Unicode Collation Algoriphm this
    symbol must have these collation keys:

    003F [*024E.0020.0004]
    003F [*024E.0020.0004]

    But in CollationTest_NON_IGNORABLE.txt assumes that symbol have implicit
    collation key [FBC0.0020.0002] [A047.0000.0000].

    What is incorrect?

    Vadim Godunko

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