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From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 03:56:54 EST

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    At 05:37 AM 1/21/03 +0100, Christoph Päper wrote:
    >Oechtringen seems to be about 20 km from my home village--yet I can't
    >remember having heard of it (it seems to be pretty small), but it definitely
    >does *not* have an O-acute, because I'd remember /that/. (We do have a small
    >village called "Klein London" nearby.)

    Postal code: 29596 Stadensen (74) Klein London
    (see link:
    For a local map of the larger community search for Stadensen

    >It's in eastern Lower Saxony, far away from France. In case someone guessed,
    >it could be Slavonic: that's more east (Wendland) and there're no Ó-villages
    > >
    >Please warn the next time before posting a link to a 2.8 MB JPEG.

    Or compress it before posting.

    > > My initial theory is that maybe it's a contraction for Ober-Echtringen?
    >No, such names don't exist in northern Germany.

    The list Frank posted makes it very clear that it's a part of Hanstedt.
    If you go to the official site for Hansted:
    you will find it spelled there without the O-acute.
    As O-acute is even in Latin-1, and can be accessed with a dead key from the
    German keyboard layout, there's no reason to assume that it's due to a
    limitation of the web or the hardware.

    I'm confident that Frank's discovered a misprint in the manual, possibly
    due to an accidental key-press on the dead-key for the acute, which is only
    a few positions over from the O and directly next to the backspace on some

    A google search brings up only the kermit site. ;-)


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