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Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 02:01:05 EST

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    At 07:52 AM 1/21/2003, Raymond Mercier wrote:

    >In Classical Greek scientific texts the fraction 'one half' is represented
    >very commonly by a symbol which looks a bit like 'less than', or like
    >'angle' U+2220, but followed by a prime. Is there no place for this in the
    >Unicode scheme of things ?
    >Other symbols are also found for common fractions, apart from the general
    >usage where a prime is added to indicate the reciprocal.
    >I have been converting some TLG* files to Unicode, and I notice that even
    >in the original TLG file the symbol is just replaced by a space. This
    >makes a nonsense of Ptolemy's geographical coordinates.

    Have you checked the TLG proposals for additions to Unicode for these
    characters? They're quite extensive (a bit too extensive in parts, e.g. the
    fraktur characters for apparatus critici that are already supported in
    Plane 1, but these things will get sorted out as the proposal progress).

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