Re: explanation for 0xFB20 - Alternative Ayin

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 19:09:06 EST

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    At 11:05 AM 1/24/03 +0200, Maxim Iorsh wrote:
    >Dear fellows!
    >This message is a request to express your opinion. I propose to include an
    >explanation on the letter into
    >the Unicode standard....

    This would be the kind of text that might get suggested to the Unicode
    Editorial committee:

    <<section 8.1>>
    U+FB20 HEBREW LETTER ALTERNATIVE AYIN is an alternative form of Ayin that
    replaces the basic form U+05E2 HEBREW LETTER AYIN when there is a
    diacritical mark below it. The basic form of Ayin has a descender which can
    interfere with a mark below the letter. U+FB20 is encoded for compatibility
    with implementations that substitute the alternative form in the character
    data, as opposed to doing a glyph substitution at rendering time, which is
    the preferred method.

    You also report:

    >... that the current charts (A) don't put enough emphasis on
    >the difference of the shape between both forms, and (B) show them in
    >switched places - basic form with descender is located at the 0xFB20, and
    >alternative form without descender is located at 0x05E2

    This is a possibly erroneous change introduced in Unicode 3.0 and ISO
    10646-1:2000. I will verify this with the supplier of the font we are using
    and also try to unravel why this change was made.

    All versions of Unicode and 10646 prior to those mentioned have the glyphs
    in the order you report.


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