RE: explanation for 0xFB20 - Alternative Ayin

From: Maxim Iorsh (
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 03:10:09 EST

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    > This would be the kind of text that might get suggested to
    > the Unicode
    > Editorial committee:
    > <<section 8.1>>
    > U+FB20 HEBREW LETTER ALTERNATIVE AYIN is an alternative form
    > of Ayin that
    > replaces the basic form U+05E2 HEBREW LETTER AYIN when there is a
    > diacritical mark below it. The basic form of Ayin has a
    > descender which can
    > interfere with a mark below the letter. U+FB20 is encoded for
    > compatibility
    > with implementations that substitute the alternative form in
    > the character
    > data, as opposed to doing a glyph substitution at rendering
    > time, which is
    > the preferred method.

    I think this is OK. By the way, I can provide a font with an emphasized
    difference between basic and alt form.


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