Re: Multilingual editor in VC++

From: Edward H Trager (
Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 21:29:30 EST

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    On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Singhal, Nikhil wrote:

    > Hi, I am required to write a multilingual editor for XML and JSP files
    > (mostly Shift_JIS, Latin-1, UTF-8, etc.) in Visual C++.
    > I am new to VC++. Can anybody point me to some resources on this?
    > Any MSDN articles, sample source code, etc. will be a great help.

    Why don't you write it using Trolltech's QT (or a
    similar multi-platform toolkit) so that the final result would be portable
    to Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux/Unix all from the same code base? I
    think QT has good Unicode and bidirectional language support, and a very
    well designed class library. Info on internationalization in QT can be
    found at:

    > Thanks in advance,
    > Nikhil Singhal

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