RE: Suggestions in Unicode Indic FAQ

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 11:09:05 EST

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    Keyur Shroff wrote:
    > But sometimes a user may want visual representation of these
    > symbols in two different ways: with dotted circle and
    > without dotted circle.

    Why not using a dotted circle character explicity, when you want to see one?

    > Example of
    > this could be RAsup on top of dotted circle and RAsup on top of space
    > character. Current use of space character to eliminate dotted
    > circle is really painful and may create problems in determining
    > language and syllable boundaries.

    Languages or syllable boundaries have nothing to do with this. These special
    sequences should *never* be part of any syllabe or word in any language:
    they are just a way of showing the shape of a glyph, to be used when, e.g.,
    talking about typography or spelling.

    > The main problem with space character is that unlike
    > ZWJ/ZWNJ/Dotted Circle, it falls within the range of other
    > important script "Latin".

    Plain wrong! White-space characters and punctuation do not belong to any
    script: character such as " ", "!" and "?" are used for many scripts and
    languages. Even the "danda" punctuation, which is in the Devanagari range,
    does not belong to Devanagari: it is also used for other Indic scripts.

    > Use of INV character in one shot can solve all these
    > problems. We can put it in "consonant" class which
    > can help text processing applications. [...]

    How can calling a "consonant" something which has nothing to do with
    consonants help anybody doing anything?

    _ Marco

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