RE: Suggestions in Unicode Indic FAQ

From: Keyur Shroff (
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 00:50:50 EST

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    --- Marco Cimarosti <> wrote:
    > Keyur Shroff wrote:
    > > But sometimes a user may want visual representation of these
    > > symbols in two different ways: with dotted circle and
    > > without dotted circle.
    > Why not using a dotted circle character explicity, when you want to see
    > one?

    Note that whenever I mention the word "combining mark" I am really talking
    about "vowel signs (matras)" and other modifiers in Indic scripts which is
    script dependent. I am sorry if I have confused you with the combining
    diacritical marks in the block [U+0300-U+036F] which I really didn't mean.

    Let me give a proper example this time. Consider a "Vowel Sign E" [U+0947]
    appearing after any non-consonant character. This sign is generally
    attached to the consonants. It has zero advance width with negative left
    side bearing in the font. Clearly, since in this case the sign is not
    preceded by any consonant base, it has to be rendered using one of the
    mechanisms specified in fallback rendering of non-spacing marks. If we
    render it with space, as you said, then we have to insert "space" character
    at the time of fallback rendering (which can be taken care in rendering
    pipeline) even though space character is not present in backing store of
    the application. Now in order to render it with dotted circle if we
    introduce the circle in the text before this sign then also the circle is
    invalid base for this "Vowel Sign E". As a result, again fallback rendering
    will take place with rendering circle and the vowel sign positionally
    separate. In this case first dotted circle will apear which will be
    followed by vowel sign (matra) on top of space character.

    If you know any other way to solve this problem then please explain. Also
    let me know if I have misinterpreted the text written in Unicode standard.

    > > Example of
    > > this could be RAsup on top of dotted circle and RAsup on top of space
    > > character. Current use of space character to eliminate dotted
    > > circle is really painful and may create problems in determining
    > > language and syllable boundaries.
    > Languages or syllable boundaries have nothing to do with this. These
    > special
    > sequences should *never* be part of any syllabe or word in any language:
    > they are just a way of showing the shape of a glyph, to be used when,
    > e.g., talking about typography or spelling.

    Then how can we rake care of fallback mechanism?

    Thanks for taking pain for answering my queries :-)

    - Keyur

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