Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 11:55:41 EST

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    Asmus Freytag scripsit:

    > However, there are some unidentified characters, or ones that could be
    > considered missing from Unicode 4.0, or which have mappings that for one
    > or the other reason could be considered not ideal. These have been
    > highlighted. I welcome suggestions for additions to or subtractions from
    > this list, plus any help anyone could provide in identifying the characters
    > or in locating places they are used.

    I strongly suspect that your various DIGRAPHS WITH BREVE BELOW are
    actually underties. In addition, U+F7A1 looks like a glyph variant
    of the glyph often used in American dictionaries to represent edh,
    though I have more often seen it with the stroke passing through both
    legs of the "h" portion. U+F776 and U+F777 are probably also American
    dictionary characters representing the so-called "short" and "long"
    sounds of English "oo", though I have more often seen them without ligaturing.

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