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Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 11:46:05 EST

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    > All characters are now mapped to Unicoe characters or character
    > where I felt that this was possible. If there are obvioous errors,
    > point them out and I'll update the listing.
    > However, there are some unidentified characters, or ones that could be
    > considered missing from Unicode 4.0, or which have mappings that for
    > or the other reason could be considered not ideal. These have been
    > highlighted. I welcome suggestions for additions to or subtractions
    > this list, plus any help anyone could provide in identifying the
    > or in locating places they are used.

    Your F725 Unknown-2, to me, looks like a German SCRIPT CAPITAL S,
    (compare with U+2112;SCRIPT CAPITAL L). Yes, we were taught to write an
    S like this in school. Perhaps it's used somewhere in mathematics?

    Your F7AA Unknown-8 could then be a SCRIPT CAPITAL C.

    Your F747, spacing left hook below - doesn't it look very much like the
    palatalization hooks used elsewhere in the list (which you mapped to

    Your combinations "with latin small letter dotless i" (e.g. F704, F731,
    F77A) seem to be designed for use in phonetic transcriptions, and hence
    are probably intended as IPA U+026A;LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL I

    F737: the description in your list doesn't match the glyph shown, which
    is "with triangular colon".

    F70F "Latin small letter a with colon" shows a triangular colon glyph
    and should hence be mapped to U+02D0, not U+003A.

    F70E "Latin small letter a with tilde with modifier letter triangular
    colon" shows a U+0251 "Latin small letter alpha" glyph.

    F750 "Latin small letter i with palatalized hook below" shows an
    inverted breve glyph, not a hook.

    F751 "Latin small letter i with tilde with tilde" shows a macron and a

    F754 and F755 "Latin small letter J with..." show i, not j glyphs.

    F79B "Latin small letter S with retroflex hook below" shows not a
    retroflex hook, but something more like an ogonek. A retroflex hook
    should be attached to the left side of the S, not in the middle below,
    and has its own precomposed IPA codepoint U+0282.

    F7AC "Latin small letter u with dot below with diaeresis" shows an
    acute, not a diaeresis.


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