RE: CJK test data

Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 17:19:04 EST

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    Markus wrote:
    > For general test data for determining support of GB
    > 18030 I suggest to contact the Chinese
    > government and its standards agency. They have defined
    > a certification procedure, and I assume that
    > the data and procedure are available. I have no direct
    > contacts for this myself.

    Here is contact info from an 18030 article by Tom Emerson.
    Hmmm. No url. No email address. This will be interesting.

    Standard Conformity Testing Center for Information Products
    #1 Andingmen Dong Da Jie
    Beijing, China
    Tel: 84029573 or 84029792
    Fax: 64007681

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