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From: Anthony Fok (
Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 04:35:13 EST

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    On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 04:19:04PM -0600, wrote:
    > Markus wrote:
    > > For general test data for determining support of GB 18030 I suggest to
    > > contact the Chinese government and its standards agency. They have
    > > defined a certification procedure, and I assume that the data and
    > > procedure are available. I have no direct contacts for this myself.
    > Here is contact info from an 18030 article by Tom Emerson.
    > Hmmm. No url. No email address. This will be interesting.
    > Standard Conformity Testing Center for Information Products
    > #1 Andingmen Dong Da Jie
    > Beijing, China
    > Tel: 84029573 or 84029792
    > Fax: 64007681

    Tom Emerson's article is news to me, and I find it very helpful. :-)

    There _is_ an e-mail address that interesting parties could try, that of

        CHEN Zhuang
          Chinese IT Standardization Technical Committee
          Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute

    His e-mail address is included in the "Application of IANA Charset
    Registration for GB18030":

    I suppose Mr. Chen does not in the Testing Center, but he may be able to
    provide some other pointers. :-)



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