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From: Andy White (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 01:38:56 EST

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     Kenneth Whistler wrote among other things:
    > But in any case, you may be right about ORIYA WA, but if
    > you are right, you are also too late to do anything about
    > it, unfortunately. This kind of input is why the standards
    > process is deliberately stretched out, taking years to get
    > from original proposal to approved standard.

    I do regularly check the Unicode site for proposed new characters and
    scripts. I did not notice the ORIYA WA before. This must have only just
    recently been added.
    Q. How was someone like me to know about this characters proposal? Where
    was it advertised?
    I think that all proposed new characters should be mentioned on the
    Public Unicode list (a search of the list archives shows that it was

    > But when the proposer of such a character is the Government
    > of India, and when nobody comes up with a good argument as
    > to why such a character should not be encoded until *after*
    > the review process is completed and the standardization is
    > done, then nothing is likely to fix it. Timely review is as
    > important as correct review.
    I feel that I must say here that I am happy for OriyaWa to have its own
    character slot. It just means that I now feel that I have to write up a
    proposal for the corresponding Bengali Letter Wa (reason: compatibility
    with the Oriya Block).
    > --K


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