RE: Indic Vowel/Consonant combinations

Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 03:29:18 EST

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    Andy White wrote,

    > Ah, but 0B35 didn't used to look the way it does in the charts today. It
    > used to look the same as 0B2C.
    > (Which I think that you probably already know)

    I have only a low-level understanding of the Oriya script and need
    to do an in-depth study of the conjunct forms.

    > > U+0930, U+094D, U+090B ?
    > How then would you encode a visual U+0930, U+094D, U+090B (which may be
    > needed when a glottal stop is intended between the 'ra' and 'ri')?

    Using the ZWNJ should force the visible virama. (RA + VIRAMA + ZWNJ
    + VOCALIC_LETTER_R). Does this seem reasonable? (Note that
    RA + VIRAMA + VOCALIC_LETTER_R does not result in the display of the
    reph here using three different fonts for the test. But, (smile), you
    did ask about how to encode it rather than how to display it.)

    But, the ZWNJ is supposed to prevent any conjunct (or special typographic
    form) from appearing, and does result in the visible virama in other
    strings which do otherwise result in the reph displaying.
    (र्प र्‌प) (First is made without ZWNJ, second with. Oddly, the reph does not
    display in this web-based e-mail, but it did display in the first case
    using the BabelPad editor.)

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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