RE: separate code positions for Malayalam 'chillu' characters

From: Andy White (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 20:28:53 EST

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    K.G Sulochana wrote:
    > It is proposed that the five pure consonants (Chillu
    > characters) in Malayalam
    > ( )be given separate code positions
    > in Malayalam Unicode block

    Who is it that is proposing that these should be separate charaters?

    > In ISCII based applications,
    > three keys are used to form each of these characters as shown below.
    > []
    > These characters are used/occur widely in Malayalam writing
    > (about 10% in normal writing). Also NUKTA (NUK) is not a
    > character in the Malayalam Script and not represented in
    > Malayalam Unicode.
    > I would like to have expert opinion on this.

    If by expert you mean a member of the Unicode consortium, then it looks
    like you are not going to get one just yet :-(
    Whether TUCS4.0 will say anything on the matter I just don't know.
    My opinion is this: As the UCS is supposed to be modelled on ISCII, it
    should encode these characters in a similar fashion. I.e. with the use
    of ZWJ. ( see the example at if you are
    unsure of what I mean).
    I can see nothing to be gained from coding these as separate characters

    Best wishes

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