RE: Indic Vowel/Consonant combinations

From: Andy White (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 20:42:03 EST

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    Michael Everson wrote:
    > At 22:20 +0000 2003-02-12, wrote:
    > >Andy White wrote,
    > >> >How then would you encode a visual U+0930, U+094D, U+090B (which
    > >> may be >needed when a glottal stop is intended between
    > the 'ra' and
    > >> 'ri')?
    > >>
    > >> U+0930, U+090B, of course.
    > >
    > >This would not be expected to show a visible virama.
    > Why should it?

    Um, What was the question again? (Yes, I've lost the plot.)

    I think that Jim Agenbroad seems to have neatly come up with the
    solution, and if no one disagrees, this needs to be documented in TUCS
    or at least the Indic FAQ.

    He said that Devanagri Letter Vocalic R with Superscript Letter Ra
    (Vowel R with reph) should be encoded as "Ra + Vowelsign Vocaliic R"
    (u+0930, u+0943)
    The answer to my original question "How then would you encode a visual
    U+0930, U+094D, U+090B" wil then be: "U+0930, U+094D, U+090B of course!"


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