newbie: unicode (when used as a coding) = UTF16LE?

From: Zhang Weiwu (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 22:07:53 EST

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    Very newbie question:
    1) I noticed when I save a file as "unicode" in Windows 2000, or other editor like EditPlus, the file begins with FF FE, which looks like UTF16LE. Also it seems to me when ContentType in a html page is "unicode", IE tends to understand it as UTF16LE. So it seems UTF16LE is (or was) the standard coding for unicode.

    2) But on the FAQ on, it says UTF16BE is the prefered unicode coding.

    Is it that, when people say "unicode" without UTF, they mean UTF16LE?

    I am going to design a website with unicode. I don't use UTF-8 because most are CJK text thus UTF-8 html would be too fat. I should use UTF16LE, should I?

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