Re: newbie: unicode (when used as a coding) = UTF16LE?

From: Andy Heninger (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 12:47:41 EST

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    From: "Zhang Weiwu" <

    > I am going to design a website with unicode.
    > I don't use UTF-8 because most are CJK text thus UTF-8 html would be too

    It may be worth double checking the assumption that utf-8 will be bigger.
    All of the HTML markup will be one byte characters in utf-8. Whether utf-8
    or utf-16 is smaller overall depends on the ratio of markup to content text
    in the overall site, and could go either way.

    And, if the site contains much in the way of graphics, the size of the plain
    text will probably be a small percentage of the total size, no matter which
    encoding is chosen.

       -- Andy Heninger

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