Re: Indic Vowel/Consonant combinations

Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 14:13:57 EST

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                                                     Thursday, February 13, 2003
    Marco, et al.,
         The example you cite (3.0, page 222, table 9-2, fourth from last
    example) is of Ha (U+0939) and the Ri vowel sign (U+0943). I don't see its
    relevance to Ra (U+0930) and the Ri vowel sign (U+0943).
         The last example in figure 9-3 of page 214 and adjacent text is simply
    wrong. Following a halant (U+094D) with a vowel sign or a stand along vowel
    amounts to saying, "There's no vowel here, here's a vowel" which is in
    conflict with the basics of Devanagari writing. If necessary I guess this
    unfortunate example might remain in Unicode but I would hope that the
    preferable encoding (U+0930 U+9043) needed to get the desired glyph: 090B
    with reph above it could also be included.
              Jim Agenbroad (

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