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From: Edward H Trager (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 15:45:17 EST

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    On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Rick Cameron wrote:

    > The Win32 API includes a function that can do this folding, on Windows
    > NT/2000/XP: LCMapString, with the option LCMAP_SIMPLIFIED_CHINESE or
    > I know little about Chinese, but I have the impression that it is much more
    > common for several traditional characters to correspond to one simplified
    > character than vice versa. If that's true, it seems to me that it would make
    > most sense to fold to simplified.
    > - rick

    Hmmm ... Suppose I'm searching for some relatively obscure traditional
    character that occurs mostly in Wen Yen (u+6587 u+8A00 : Classical
    Chinese) and has a very specific meaning in Classical Chinese. This
    character gets "folded" or "mapped" to a fairly common character in modern
    bai hua (u+767D u+8BDD) Chinese, and then the search proceeds. The result
    set contains hundreds or thousands of irrelevant results related to the
    modern meaning, and I still have to sift through them looking for the
    needles in the haystack. I'll try to provide a concrete example once I
    think of one ... it's been a long time since I studied Classical Chinese.

    > This "folding" is much easy that implementing a full-fledged
    > simplified<->traditional conversion (which needs to be context sensitive and
    > dictionary-driven), because the result is just in a temporary buffer used
    > for comparison, and no one is going to see it.
    > _ Marco

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