bidi and unipad again.

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 14:33:59 EST

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    I read a little more about bidi now.


    The most common problematic case is that of neutrals on the boundary of an embedded language. This can be addressed by setting the
    level of the embedded text correctly. For example, with all the text at level 0 the following occurs:

    Memory: he said "I NEED WATER!", and expired.

    Display: he said "RETAW DEEN I!", and expired.If the exclamation mark is to be part of the Arabic quotation, then the user can
    select the text I NEED WATER! and explicitly mark it as embedded Arabic, which produces the following result:

    Memory: he said "<RLE>I NEED WATER!<PDF>", and expired.

    Display: he said "!RETAW DEEN I", and expired.

    A simpler method of doing this is to place a right directional mark (RLM) after the
    exclamation mark. Since the exclamation mark is now not on a directional boundary, this produces the correct result.

    Memory: he said "I NEED WATER!<RLM>", and expired.

    Display: he said "!RETAW DEEN I", and expired.


    Do people actually do it this way?

    How many people know how to enter a RLM in UniPad? (It is \u200f in General Punctuation)

    How many people store in illogical order instead?

    Memory: he said "!I NEED WATER", and expired.

    Maybe there should be an easier way to input RLM.

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