Re: Plane 14 Tag Deprecation Issue

Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 13:55:01 EST

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    On 02/14/2003 09:00:16 AM Michael Everson wrote:

    >At 13:38 +0000 2003-02-14, William Overington wrote:
    >>Books in libraries are often classified with a code consisting of digits
    >>a full stop character. For example, the number 515.53 is on a label
    >>is still on the spine of a book which I bought in a sale of withdrawn
    >>from a library. So, if U+E0002 were used to introduce a tag for the
    >>book classification code, then a sequence starting with U+E0002 and using
    >>some other tag characters could be used to classify the subject matter of
    >>any document which is stored in computerized form.
    >No, no, no, no, no. People should use XML or other forms of markup.
    >You are headed into a dead end, William.

    Not to mention that libraries already have well-established standards for
    their data representation.

    - Peter

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