Re: TrueType Explorer (was RE: Everson Mono)

Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 12:16:22 EST

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    On 17/02/2003 20:01:51 Rick Cameron wrote:

    >TrueType Explorer can do this and more.

    I gave TTE a try and it definitely has some interesting and useful
    features. To get some answers to a few questions, I have corresponded with
    the author and he has given me permission to post the following:

       ----- Forwarded by Bob Hallissy/IntlAdmin/WCT on 18/02/2003 17:12 -----


       Thank you for your kind words.

       TrueType Explorer supports the 16 bit code points of Unicode 3.1.

       Unfortunately, I have no plan to extend support to the supplemental
       planes (ie. 32 bit code points). If more users demand such support, I
       reconsider, however.

       I will keep you informed, should events change.

       Thank you,


    and also requested:

       ----- Forwarded by Bob Hallissy/IntlAdmin/WCT on 18/02/2003 17:13 -----


       Could you also post the following to the Unicode group:

       The official website for TrueType Explorer is

       However, if you are unable to download from this location, perhaps
       due to bandwidth restrictions, you may download the same program
       from the following alternate location:

       A few notes to help you use TrueType Explorer:

       * TrueType Explorer represents, in both form and operation, a
         collection of TrueType fonts as a "relation".
       * A relation is similar to a database "table", where each TrueType
         font appears as a row, and each TrueType attribute appears as a
       * You can select the TrueType attributes to "project" on to the
         table from the 'Attributes' menu item from the menu bar.

       Thank you,
       Kevin Macdonald
       Author of TrueType Explorer

       Thank you



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