Hot Beverage font.

From: William Overington (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 11:43:13 EST

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    Thinking that the new to Unicode 4.0 symbol U+2615 Hot Beverage might be
    very useful in the preparation of meeting agendas and the like and also
    wishing to try to design a glyph which would look good particularly at a 12
    point size in documents, I have produced a font named Hot Beverage which I
    have now added into our family webspace.

    The font can be downloaded from the web from the following address.

    The font contains the Hot Beverage glyph which I have designed, accessible
    at U+2615, which is decimal 9749, and also at lowercase h, for convenience
    of use when used with the Microsoft Paint program. The font also includes a
    space character.

    I have tested the font with WordPad and Word 97. It looks quite good at 12
    point in black, as in an agenda document for a meeting. It also looks good
    in the colour which WordPad calls green, which is a dark green colour, at
    300 point, and also looks good in a fun logo at 36 point following the
    wording Peppermint Tea Shoppe in Old English Text in the same dark green
    colour. Various other sizes mostly look good though 18 point does look a
    bit strange.

    An experiment with PowerPoint produced a nice slide with the following,
    centred in a text box, in black at 36 point.

    There will now be an intermission
    for refreshments.

    Below which, in colour red=51, green=204, blue=51 at 72 point, centred in a
    text box, the Hot Beverage glyph.

    Hopefully this font will be a useful item on computers around the world.

    William Overington

    18 February 2003

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