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Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 15:53:11 EST

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    one down, 95000+ to go.

    Can we not have a detailed mail for each character describing 3 places it was
    used and "it looks good to me"?

    Imagine if every font designer did that.
    We are now aware of another site that has fonts for unicode so we all know
    where to look. 'nuff said.
    tex wrote:
    > .
    > William Overington has graciously provided a downloadable font
    > with the Unicode 4.0 hot beverage symbol encoded at U+2615.
    > A suggestion would be to add some of the other interesting new
    > glyphs from Unicode 4.0 for experimental purposes. There are
    > many to choose from, and no fonts (to speak of) generally
    > available with any 4.0 support yet.
    > If this were done, the font might enjoy greater usage. Of course,
    > a more generic font name might be needed in order to indicate
    > the wider coverage.
    > Best regards,
    > James Kass
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