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Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 04:02:00 EST

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    I was not concerned with the mail because it was about one character. That is
    fine. The announcement itself was welcome.

    I was objecting to the length of the mail and what I thought were unnecessary
    Is there a reason to expect a TTF not to work in the scenarios described?

    I simply suggested that we not see an email about availability, character by
    The other font developers make infrequent announcements about substantive
    collections of characters.
    I just wanted to establish that perspective if he was going to work on more

    William makes some interesting points from time to time, but it is difficult
    to read through all the (I think irrelevant) details to find them.
    If his mails were completely uninteresting, I would just delete them and it
    wouldn't be an issue at all.

    It probably didn't help I was catching up on my Unicode email and was wading
    thru 200 or so other mails on the list at the same time.
    hope that's clearer.

    tex wrote:
    > >one down, 95000+ to go.
    > >
    > >Can we not have a detailed mail for each character describing 3 places it was
    > >used and "it looks good to me"?
    > I'm curious if you would have sent the same message if Michael Everson had
    > sent a message about one character. We've had threads on this list about one
    > character before. Sure, if every character gets a message like this, it will
    > get tedious, but messages like this certainly aren't off-topic. That
    > was the most productive message William Overtoning has ever sent to the list,
    > so lets not jump all over him for it.

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