Re: [OpenType] PS glyph `phi' vs `phi1'

From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 18:13:05 EST

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    > Thanks. As a conclusion it seems that both Adobe's mapping of
    > U+03D5 and U+03C6 to glyph names and the Unicode annotation for
    > U+03D5 is incorrect (in case backwards compatibility is of
    > importance).
    > The right mapping should be
    > phi 03D5
    > phi1 03C6

    I have to correct myself, fortunately. After looking into the printed
    version of Unicode 2.0 I see that the glyphs of 03D5 and 03C6 in the
    file U0370.pdf are exchanged. Your assuption is correct that the
    annotation in Unicode 3.2 is wrong.


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