Re: [OpenType] PS glyph `phi' vs `phi1'

From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 18:08:31 EST

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    > Virtually all fonts I know of use the pre-3.0 glyph representations.
    > Sigh. Any suggestion how to fix this mess? [...]
    > IMHO, the decision to flip the glyph shapes was a shot into the leg.

    What about this:

    The UTC should undo the glyph swapping and introduce a new character
    called U+03F7 GREEK ALTERNATIVE PHI SYMBOL. Then we would have

       U+03C6 GREEK SMALL LETTER PHI (any glyph shape)
       U+03D5 GREEK PHI SYMBOL (curly glyph)
       U+03F7 GREEK ALTERNATIVE PHI SYMBOL (stroked glyph)

    and no problem with backwards compatibility.

    [But I assume that this solution has been already suggested and
    apparently rejected in favor of the current one.]


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