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From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 21:59:54 EST

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    Markus Scherer scripsit:

    > Yes. Any reasonable SCSU encoder will stay in the ASCII-compatible
    > single-byte mode until it sees a character from beyond Latin-1. Thus
    > the encoding declaration will be ASCII-readable.

    Indeed, there is no such requirement. A parser can perfectly well handle
    EBCDIC or other non-ASCII-compatible encodings provided a proper declaration
    expressed in that encoding is present.

    To be sure, some encodings, like US-BSCII, are problematic. US-BSCII is
    the same as US-ASCII except that 0x41 is B and 0x42 is A; the trouble
    being of course that the string "US-ASCII" encoded in US-ASCII uses the
    same bytes as the string "US-BSCII" encoded in US-BSCII. But such a thing
    is not likely to happen except through perversity such as this.

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