accented cyrillic characters

Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 06:12:32 EST

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    Even after studying the Unicode web site for a while I am not able to
    find a solution for this issue.

    The task is to include accented cyrillic characters (vowels only) into
    russian html. (Vowels are accented or "stressmarked" in Russian for
    educational purpose.)

    My html pages are always utf-8 encoded.

    "Pre-accented" Russian vowels obviously do not exist as Unicode
    characters of their own.

    I only need one kind of accent. Its Unicode number is probably 0301 and
    it is called "accent" or sometimes "stressmark".

    The remaining question is how to "combine" this accent with a vowel, or:
    how to get that dammed stress mark 0301 on top of a character?

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