Re: accented cyrillic characters

From: Herman Ranes (
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 11:27:24 EST

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    Here are some examples of Cyrillic wowels with combining diactitics
    (utf-8 as well as NCR-encoded) Cyrillic characters:

    They were edited with SC UniPad: skreiv:
    > Even after studying the Unicode web site for a while I am not able to
    > find a solution for this issue.
    > The task is to include accented cyrillic characters (vowels only) into
    > russian html. (Vowels are accented or "stressmarked" in Russian for
    > educational purpose.)
    > My html pages are always utf-8 encoded.
    > "Pre-accented" Russian vowels obviously do not exist as Unicode
    > characters of their own.
    > I only need one kind of accent. Its Unicode number is probably 0301 and
    > it is called "accent" or sometimes "stressmark".
    > The remaining question is how to "combine" this accent with a vowel, or:
    > how to get that dammed stress mark 0301 on top of a character?

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